Magnetic Attraction
Roger and Margaret Pratt
Sat 14 Jul 2012 17:50

14 July 2012 – Kroslin Marina, Penemunde Strom




Going south from Stralsund meant going under a low railway bridge: and so all activity is geared to bridge opening times.  The first bridge, at 5.20am, felt too early; the 8.20 just fine. The harbour office opened at 7.30, so I trotted down to give the card key back, and to receive the pfand (deposit) back.  I was no sooner out of the boat than the heavens opened with a drown pour.  Not a good omen!  Needless to say, by the time I got back with the bread for lunch I was soaked through.  Last night it was so miserable that we felt we wanted comfort food: spaghetti bolognaise out of the freezer.  Tonight it’s going to be bratwurst and fried onions – you get the idea!


So, it was back to cold weather attire for the journey today.  The monte: thermal mid layer; full oilies; boots.  The only thing missing was the thermal underwear.  It’s rained, more on than off, all day.  I’m sitting here writing in shoes and socks as well as jeans!  I didn’t pack trainers: fortunately there was an spare pair for emergencies in my locker!  Most unseasonal.


The wind was on the nose all the way, so we motored, arriving at 2pm-ish: down the Strelasund, across the Greifswalder Bodden, and then south into the Peenemunde Strom.  The rain clouds meant that there were no views to speak of – just following the direction of the buoyage.  The marina at Krosslin is one of the good ones: we are moored alongside, head to wind (more sheltered!) and the price is correct: 15 euros a night all in.  The disappointment is that we don’t have the correct plug for the electricity so can’t access.  It’s the old 2-pin system that Roger threw out earlier this year as not used for 10 years.  The marina has a small chandlery and a full range of facilities.  Everyone has been exceptionally helpful – and there is a strong wifi signal!  Give the owners a gold star!


Across the harbour, by ferry, is the Peenemunde museum that we’ve come to see.  There are a number of military boats, including a Russian submarine.   Pics tomorrow, all being well.