A great sail!

Magnetic Attraction
Roger and Margaret Pratt
Mon 6 Jul 2009 19:07
Writing this from Portonovo, just inside the Ria Pontevedra.  We arrived at 6pm BST, having set off from Camarinas at 6am.
All pretty boring this morning: it was cold again and rain threatened.  But after we passed Cape Finisterre (there is a pic but won't be burdening the satphone tomorrow with it - too time/money intensive!) the weather got much brighter.  We tried to sail for a whole - 2-3knts, with a pretty significant swell.  So back went on the motor....  but the sea breeze got up at about 2, reinforcing the NWesterly and we stormed down into this ria on about 22knots on the quarter, leaving us only about another 30 miles or so to Bayona tomorrow. We had planned to visit Ria Arousa but made such good progress that we 'snuck' between the Isla Ons and the mainland, finishing off a great afternoon of sailing with some pilotage.  It's been two weeks of no wind so today was brilliant topped off with a nice snug calm anchorage. Can't ask for better!
Lunched on soup from home (lentil and lemon) and cheese with pain grille/rusks which are good as ersatz bread...  the tomatowes from Coruna had not survived well in the veg locker, despite being bought on the vine and as unripe as I could find and so we ate the two most battered ones with the bruises cut out - as we had the two peaches this morning.  For supper we've just had a chicken curry that I made last night, and which has been festering all day - just the biz!  And a leisurely start in the morning as well.