Spanish Customs

Magnetic Attraction
Roger and Margaret Pratt
Wed 22 Jul 2009 11:19
The promised weather - south westerly winds and rain - arrived at midday.  It's still warm, but just generally miserable.  The current GRIB looks as though the weather will continue in this vein until Friday or Saturday.
The day seems to have been consumed by the search for a good wifi signal, preferably one that will allow us to operate from the boat.  We started off at the cafe Noray, opposite the anchorage on the end of the commercial mole.  There was a really strong signal and so great optimism!  But the access code had to be provided in person, and when we first went across there was no help, because the boss wasn't there. When we went back later, the signal inside the cafe was weak; help was called for but we weren't minded to go back a third time.  So instead we went to the cafe Brisas on the front, where the waitress wrote down the access code without a blink, and there were fast connection speeds.  But, not a signal that can be accessed from the boat!
The Brits in the puebla (Jan and John from Briganta, and Chris and Nina from Christabel and us) assembled in the Cafe Nautico (signal strength from anchorage good, but secret access code) to deplore the lack of availability of wifi.  Last night John had managed to get a signal last night from Villanova, a village on the other side of the ria about 7 miles away.  We adjourned to their boat and managed to replicate with their gadget - but not with our Repeatit signal amplifier.  After tea, cake, wine and excellent conversation we returned for our moules mariniere.  The moules from Gades supermarket this morning were massive but not very unreliable - about 8 had to be thrown away because they were either broken or failed to open when cooked.
Since writing the above, we have had a visit from the Customs!  A motor boat with very large engines came alongside and 2 officers came aboard to have a look round.  All pretty straightforward, fortunately - it seemed more of a form filling exercise than anything else and we were able to answer all the questions other than where we are planning to go next.  Before they left I was able to comment on the absence of wifi.... 
Finally, here is a picture of me playing in the dinghy at Porto Novo yesterday morning, especially for Auntie Margaret.  I hope Les is getting better and will soon be out of hospital.,
We have a WiFi hotspot so some pics.
This is the fisherman who wanted to put his net just where we were! Note the very large catch, all the big fish must have been under our boat!
This is where he once again showed his displeasure of our presence by roaring by souding horn and other gestures.