Costa da Morte - Camarinas

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Roger and Margaret Pratt
Sun 5 Jul 2009 19:03
The plan was that we would leave Ares at 6am BST - get up and go.  But it was raining, so we went back to sleep and left at 8am, off the Torres de Herculeo at 9am.
It was cold!  But still no wind, other than in the squalls.  We took full advantage and rigged all 3 sails whenever the wind permitted - on the second squall we saw 23 knots and flew the genoa reefed, raoring along at 0ver 7 knots.  As we got further south, we were able to bear off, but with a significant swell needed to use the engine - just ticking over - to maintain way comfortably.
It's not surprising that the coast is known as the Costa da Morte: the coast is very exposed and there are few safe havens.  We went past Corme and Laxe; in particular Laxe looked exposed (didn't see Corme so I guess that it must be more secluded) and, as we came into the Camarinas ria, so was Muxia - like Laxe, on the south side of the ria.
Windmills everwhere! despite the lack of wind, most running.  Says much about the weather round here...
We arrived at Camarinas 6pm BST.  It's a lovely fishing village clinging to an East-facing hill - so protected from West through South East.  There is a mole that would provide some protection from a SW swell.  We're tucked in behind the mole at anchor, and had a drink before supper on our "Gin seats" (2 folding stools I had as free gifts from CIPFA conference 5 years ago - thank you, Schroders!) before supper of kidneys out of the freezer, followed by Iles Flottantes and cherries.  Bliss!
Hope to make our way further south tomorrow....