Off the Maroccan Coast

Magnetic Attraction
Roger and Margaret Pratt
Wed 30 Oct 2013 10:59
A final piece on fixing before we left Ayemonte yesterday morning - on a final check, the tricolor light at the top of the mast, which gives the boat's position during the hours of darkness, wasn't working.  Roger went up the mast to investigate: it wasn't the LED bulb that had failed, but the wiring had come loose because the holder brackets had failed.  Fortunately Roger had a spare bulb that also came with a new, modified, holder so all well again now!  The same cannot be said for the no1 spinnaker pole - the telescoping end failed in the night watches.  This morning we've substituted the no2 pole and will investigate the problem further on arrival in Lanzarote. The internal, pole extension, mechanism has failed and we don't know it works and therefore the best way to take the pole apart etc.
It was good to get away from Ayemonte after 9 days.  In 24 hours we've done 133 miles - a fast passage so far.  The sea was heavy as we set off (one reef to make it more comfortable) with breaking swell all around us.  Finding balance is difficult when the boat is cork-screwing about.  But now, as predicted, both swell and wind have eased, and we're charging along.  The bread for lunch is just baking!.
So, all well so far!  This post will go up on the satphone as Roger downloads the weather forecasts.