A Good 24hrs of sailing

Magnetic Attraction
Roger and Margaret Pratt
Tue 26 Nov 2013 19:46
26 November


Course: 220
Engine Hrs: 0
Day's Run: 137miles
Total: 392 miles
Air Temperature 22C
Water temperature 25.6C

We are so pleased that we have had 24hrs of sailing downwind with our twin genoas averaging 5.7 knots; bringing our overall average up to 5.4knots. We were also all pleased to hear this morning, from Roger, that he had broken his jinx...what a relief! The previous night watches he took over and the wind instantly dropped, which on one watch meant turning on the engine! Last night however, he came on shift and the wind just kept building (max. gust of 22 knots) which lead him to reef the twin genoas. This sounds pretty easy but when it comes down to it it means freeing off 6 different sheets, three per genoa, whilst winching in the reefing line. To make it all a lot harder, it is also pitch black!! I fear there may have been a few sheets round toes etc coursing a few choice words being spoken!

Another reason for enjoying the last 24hrs was due to all of us getting good a ration of comfortable sleep!  The previous night was wild pitching, rolling and sail slapping making sleep very difficult resulting in all of us feeling a bit off.

Just as we were discussing the blog contents this morning, commenting that we had not seen any nature to report on...five or six dolphins came to play with us for a few minutes but then got back to the business of finding their elevenses!!

Last night Chef Bryan (Mother) rustled up a spectacular meal of grilled pork slices with green beans and noodles...setting the bar high which means today the pressure is on...thanks!

The last 12 hours have been very cloudy and the sun has just poked out from the clouds so it is time to top up the tan before getting down to the business of making some lunch which I think today could be mini pitta bread pizzas!!

All in all a very pleasing 24hrs and may it continue!! However the forecast is showing it is going to be light after tonight for a few days which will mean motoring...boo!

Signing off...Lucy (Mother)