Magnetic Attraction
Roger and Margaret Pratt
Fri 29 Nov 2013 14:08
Friday 29 November 2013

Course: 235
Engine Hrs: 0
Day's Run: miles 119
Total: 768 miles
Air Temperature 26.5C
Water temperature 27.1C
Hello Everyone,
We are stonking along at 6knts close hauled on port tack, course of 234 degrees. When we sent yesterdays blog we were stationary in no wind. Stationary is not really the correct description on two counts, the current was taking us north east at 0.5 knts and secondly even though the sea is glass smooth, there is small swell and with the sails down the boat rolls and jumps about. The good news is that for the first time it is quiet, clearly there is no traffic noise, no wind noise or wave noise, all very peaceful. We had a light lunch and settled down to some reading on the kindle, so far I have studied life in Nelsons Navy and Art Deco British Car Design in the 1930s, both popular choices I am sure! Whilst resting (on watch), Lucy heard some 'heavy breathing' (no she was not thinking of Tim), we had a visit from two large mammals, brown in colour and about 3 mtrs long. We could only see the tops of their heads, vent hole, fins and tails, so we could not decide the species. They swam about 8 boats length away, surfacing a few times, before returning to the deep. Margaret decided that the only thing she has ever wanted to do was to re-cover the cockpit cushions in a very smart green and white canvas, she cut out the cloth, folded and pinned it in place, ready for a session with the sewing machine at a later date (this boat has every thing). We decided that in the quiet conditions we could BBQ steak on the transom, so removed it from the freezer, expecting windless conditions for at least 12 hours. At about 3pm a light south easterly of 5knts filled in and Lucy decided to pull out the genoa, to Roger and my surprise, we moved forward at 1.5knts, so we hoisted the mainsail and speed increased to 3knts as the wind built. With the sails up and a smooth sea, we had perfect BBQ conditions. As darkness fell the wind speed increased to10knts, by dawn we were chomping along 7knts, which explains why I was occasionally leaving the mattress in the forepeak berth. We are expecting stronger winds overnight (35knts), so we are heading south now, then when it backs we can bear off and surge along on a reach (we hope). Finally we extended the 'dog watches' by half an hour each and put our the ships clock back 1hr, so the sun rise is once again 6.30am.. I think we can be pleased with our days run of 119 miles, considering we were stopped for 3hrs, we are now quarter of the way across! Best wishes, Bryan (Mother).