At Anchor, Horuphav

Magnetic Attraction
Roger and Margaret Pratt
Wed 1 Aug 2012 14:59

28 July 2012 – at anchor in Horuphav, off Sondeburg




Yesterday evening the humidity began to build and there was a thunderstorm just after we went to bed.  Immediate imperative to get up to check that all the hatches were shut – I’d forgotten to close the hatch over the galley so the cooker and floor were swamped. 

This morning the vis was down and the rain continued.  The forecast was for light-sh airs  - nothing more than 11 kn.   At about 11 we decided to go – a palaver as it meant the two boats outside us (both of whom had decided to stay because of the weather) had to move to let us out. 

No sooner had we left the harbour that the vis came down even further – it was raining cats and dogs.  The buoys that mark the channel weren’t visible and so we went back to the anchorage to have a coffee and wait for improvement.  Murphy’s law then kicked in – the rain stopped, and the sun shone.  We were encouraged to set off again, and, with the winds favouring us, hoisted the sail.  Once out in clear waters the rain came back and the wind increased: up to 25-27 knots.  We had a scorching sail with a beam reach, and had to set a reef!  If only the sun had been out, it would have been perfect.

Arrived here at 4.30, and looking outside now, you’d never know that it had been such a filthy day.  The wind has swung NW, and the dusk is setting red in a clear sky with few clouds.  Another excellent anchorage.