A Bold Move

Magnetic Attraction
Roger and Margaret Pratt
Sat 4 Jul 2009 18:56
A bold move from La Coruna this afternoon (Saturday 4/7/09) to Ares!  Ares, with its bitter sweet memories of two years ago when Kees and Hester Ros lost Nenya to fire and they came to us as refugees.  It remains one of the all time lovely anchorages, off the village and beach.  The wind is in the NW and light so the bay is perfectly sheltered.  Roger's enjoying being at anchor again.  It's very peaceful.
It was a good time to leave Coruna - there was a fiesta, with a concert this evening.  At 12 midnight there were shells to mark the start of the day - which woke us up.  But as usual it wasn't fireworks as we know them, lighting up the skies with coloured rain - just lots of loud bangs and smoke.  There's a fiesta at Ares, too - we can hear vigorous community singing somewhere behind the beach and there have been some more puffs of smoke, followed by loud bangs.
As a final move I went to get vegetables and bread.  I'd forgotton the rules: self service, but along with the plastic bags you also collect thin plastic gloves, of the sort one might get at filling stations in the UK.  There is no doubt that the action of wearing gloves does encourage the very careful/gentle handling of the produce.  Then you form a long queue to have the produce weighed and priced - most of the loose products, including melons, avocados and bred, are all sold by weight.  I also looked at the fish counter in the supermarket, but after waiting in line realised I was meant to have a ticket to reserve my turn.  I was also nervous about expressing what it was that I wanted, so I retreated upstairs to the market where it felt less pressured.  I got Venus clams- but again they were expensive: for mid-sized clams 17.90/kilo - I had 625g so11 euros to give enough for two (and it doesn't look that much.)  I cooked them a la mariniere and they made a very filling meal - the shells, though small, were full of solid flesh, unlike the bouchot mussels that we had in France.  We opened a Ribiero white: O'Ventosela 2008 which was very light and a bit too sweet for my taste - more like a German wine.
Had a text from Jenny to say that they had come 8th /107in the Squib Nationals at Weymouth - they were very pleased with themselves.  they had the boatspeed and consistency paid.  Great news!
Tomorrow morning Sunday we plan to leave early for Camarinas, as the wind should be with us.  Yo!!