6 August - Ste Evette to Loctudy

Magnetic Attraction
Roger and Margaret Pratt
Sat 7 Aug 2010 09:50




Happiness is…  being back in Loctudy, with a reliable internet signal from a free hotspot; a berth on the inside of the brise clapot; and a super fish market next door  We have two of the three computers attached to the Loctudy wifi; gorged on a supper of fresh langoustines and salad, and are looking forward to streaming Radio 4.  The simple pleasures of life!


Left Ste Evette at about 9am - one of the last boats to leave.  Although the anchorage was full last night, most of the boats were going north, planning to catch the north going tide through the Raz de Sein, with only a half dozen or so of us going south.  Again, the wind had more south than forecast (it was meant to be orienting itself towards the SW) and so, again, the wind was on the nose.  When we tacked off Penmarc’h there was a nasty swell that stopped the boat in its tracks, and called for a bit of motor sailing (sorry, Bryan!)  But once round the point, the sky cleared, the wind eased and it was hot and sunny!  We’ll stay in Loctudy a couple of days (I have my eye on some lobsters,) do some cycling and then go on towards Benodet, and an anchorage up the Odet.