Magnetic Attraction
Roger and Margaret Pratt
Fri 26 Jun 2009 09:07
47:50.32N 4:10.53W
Well this time last week I was walking back to Lower Marsh having had a conversation with Edward. Devalle...   What a difference a week makes!  Here we are, sitting in the cockpit in Loctudy, both of us logged onto our respective computers, with a strong free wi-fi system.  How sad is that?
We left Camaret at 5am on Thursday to catch the first of the tide.  Did not pause for a cup of tea, cereal, etc - just got up and went, and had breakfast en route  By the time we got out into the stream it was about 6: so Roger slept until we got to the Pte de Bretagne, and then I slept from then till about 9.30.  We were motoring all the way, so there was plenty of hot water so we both had showers.  Bliss! 
After rounding Penmar'ch, receiving texts, speaking to friends (as you do!) on my vodafone deal (free roaming deal for this summer.) the wind filled in and we sailed along he cost to Loctudy.  We had our eye on a berth on the inside on the brise-clapot (new word for this summer: it's a wave break) and just snuck in to the last spce.  Richard and Wendy had already arrived.  We had tea with them on Myrica before going to the fish market for 1.5kilos of live langoustines that were cooked and eaten over the evening. A really enjoyable time was had by all.   Roger and Richard continue to play this morning: there is so much to examine an explore!!!  THe poste d'electricite won't  captue the ampage Roger wants, so the battery charger settings have had to be adjusted; the mailasail account was being blocked by the Loctudy wifi and wouldn't send mail so settings have to be adapted....  There are days of fun for the boyz if the wind doesn't do what we want!
We shall get the bikes out today, if it isn't too hot, and reacquaint ourselves with this friendly town.  But first, I'm going to indulge myself by catching up on the news!  BBC wbsite, hear I come!