21 August - Back to Camaret

Magnetic Attraction
Roger and Margaret Pratt
Sat 22 Aug 2009 16:39
Well here we are again, back in Camaret.  The second night at sea was uneventful, and the morning saw us in a sloppy sea off Sein, with the wind still behind us.  We motor sailed to maintain way, and the second preventer chafed through, no turning block this time.
We arrived in Camaret at about 1.30pm, giving a passage time of about 54 hours, 323 miles.  Very respectable.
This morning we went ashore and got oysters and a crab - Roger's mouth was watering at the prospect!  It was planned to have a Lobster rather than the crab, but at 28 euros the kilo it seemed too expensive.  The Crab was 5.50/kilo, and the oysters 5.90.  They were very tasty.  We then went on to the Super U to stock up on the french goodies - croque messieurs, pastries, cakes, etc.  I'd like to get some cheeses, but we're not sure when we'd be leaving.  Anyway, there are bound to be more opportinities as we day sail up the coast.
The numbers of buoys available to visitors seems to have reduced, with a lot being reserved.  There are a goodly numbers of Brits, as usual - we met a couple coming ashore, like us, by dinghy, and moored together to establish "a presence."  Quite funny, really - after all the propaganda we've been hearing in Spain about the pirate Drake, etc.  We have been unable to connect to the wifi we accessed before, but have managed to connect to my phone - less expensive than the marina's netabord service!