Villanova 28 June The saga of the WIFI

Magnetic Attraction
Roger and Margaret Pratt
Tue 28 Jul 2009 20:46
The watchful blog reader will have noticed approving reference to the wifi signals from Villanova.  This, allied with a reference in the pilot to pontoon berths encouraged a visit...  not least because we wanted to make a positive gesture in favour of strong, open access wifi.
However all is not all it seems.  Installed in a convenient berth, beside a long pontoon, with a marinero who at least tries to speak English, the link to the wifi was sought.  OH NO!!!!  It isn't accessible!   In the circumstances, Roger was remarkably restrained - well I think so, as I was away trying to track down a bakery before they close at 1pm BST.  The other problem is that access to the marina is by swipe card and visitors are not given one.  So when I arrived back at the marina, I rang the large shiny brass ships bell for the marinero.  No-one came.  Thinks: thank goodness Roger is on the boat - he can let me in.  Rang Roger - just as the guy turns up, but Roger does get to tell me the problem.  I ask about el wifi (WeeFee!).  No wifi on the marina I'm told - throughout the village, it's free, but it doesn't reach the marina.  Anyway, after lunch we try again, and all is well.  But there was a moment when we faced the possibility that we had gone to all this trouble- fender, lines, springs, manoevrings, registration - for no wifi - when we knew that we could get a really strong signal anchored off!
It's been hot today, so I've done the washing and everything is dry.  We walked round the village once it got a bit cooler, following the paseo maritimo and then cutting back into town.  Hoardes of people of the beaches, enjoying the afternoon sun.  Tomorrow we'll cycle - we want to visit Cambados, and maybe O Grove, if the legs hold out.  The bay's too shallow to go by boat.  Look out for the pix!