A record daily run!

Magnetic Attraction
Roger and Margaret Pratt
Tue 10 Dec 2013 16:26
Tuesday 10 December 2013


Course: 268
Engine Hrs: 5
Day's Run: 150 miles
Total: 2085 miles
Air Temperature 27.7C
Water temperature reading 31.9C
Wind speed: 14knts
Wind direction: 60T
Life is settling down to the new pattern: stronger, more predictable, winds, and a countdown to the destination.  At 11`.30pm last night the log clocked up the psychologically important 2000 mile mark.   Bryan stayed up beyond the end of his watch so that he was with Lucy at the witching hour. Roger  has set up a track that allows us to predict when we might arrive.  The algorithm is very basic, and linked to the current boat speed - so it can fluctuate wildly.  The GRIB is forecasting 20+ knots of winds for 3 days,  As I write its 14-18 knots from the NE: and the genoa is poled out.  A smooth ride, with an occasional surf down the front of a wave.  It's over 30C in the cabin, and so we live, as far as possible, in the cockpit, seeking the side that's in the shade from the sun.  The solar panels are making a good input into the batteries - except just know the breadmaker is in "bake" mode, so the drain is, from time to time about 20 amps net.
Do two events constitute a trend?  We hope so.  At 6am, just as the sun was rising, there was another black cloud and associated downpour.  Lucy came out in her bikini and washed her hair; and Roger took the opportunity to do the best he could with his hair, as well as wearing his work shorts for rinsing of salt.  Both feel better, although the shower could have lasted longer!   Bryan's turn tomorrow, maybe?  There were 2 litres of rainwater in the dinghy which has been harvested for pickling the water maker.  At present Roger is trying to sustain the membrane by passing salt water over it every 3-4 days.
We're seeing more flying fish.  They skip from wave to wave, sometimes achieving more than 40yds.  Since the one that immolated itself by banging its head against the mast, Roger's found two in the scuppers.  Unfortunately they're not big enough to eat.  The fishing line is out, but no success. 
Roger has been practising with his sextant and taking a noon sight.  On an unstable platform (the aft deck) this is challenging, Yesterday he achieved a computation that gave a longditude position 80 miles different from the GPS; the day before it was 150.  So the trend is improving....  fingers crossed for a further improvement today. (I'm getting good sun sights for N/W but seem to be out on the correct time for E/W. Roger).
It's going to be a record daily run in idyllic sailing conditions.  Every day we all make predictions.  My prediction last night was 146 miles but we'll do better than that.  Let's hope this record presages a new pattern!