An unexpected pleasure!

Magnetic Attraction
Roger and Margaret Pratt
Wed 15 Jul 2009 19:14
I'm writing this on Wednesday morning after a funny old day yesterday, from Ria Aldan, on the exposed southern end of the Ria Pontevedra.  An accidental (and very welcome) end to the day.
We started from San Adrian.  There had been quite a lot of wind overnight, and the gusts of wind came down the mountain, scattering us in all doirections.  In consequence, the irridium signal in the morning was very iffy and after a couple of goes (accompanied by increasing vexation) the attempt to get a weather upadte was abandoned, and we set off for Cangas (bread!.)   The wind was due south, so after saying farewell to Phalerope and No Agenda ( who had come into the anchorage on Monday night) the motor took us down.  The benefit of Cangas is that there is a free wi-fi to log on to; as well as the shops etc.  After downloading the GRIB the shore excursion was initiated.  Last time ashore the very helpful lady at the tourist info had marked the location of a chandlers (efectos navales!) and we walked there to puchase a wire strop and padlocks to make the dinghy more secure for trips ashore.  A course was set and successful navigation ensued.  There was an English speaking assistant!  So speedy resolution of problems.
The intention was to anchor off at the end of teh Ria Vigo overnight, and then go round into the Ria Pontevedra today Wednesday.  But the wind was southerly, and after backing heavily (serious irritation this time!) we eventally arrived off the the Praia Barra (Nudista) - not that there were any nudes in evidence - it was too cold and windy!  After anchoring and a cup of tea it was clear that teh anchorage was too exposed so we set off again towards Pontevedra.  After rounding the headland it was clear that there was a major northwesterly swell - 2.5-3m in height, the relic of a storm that had gone through the night before.  As we went round the headland the swell backed more westward and that made the Ria Aldan (open to the north) a possibility.  So we snuck in, round the batteas and are anchored off the Praia Villarino. 
This blog should have gone this morning but the wifi link failed at the crucial minute!  So I'll sent this now, and write up separately the events of today.