Magnetic Attraction
Roger and Margaret Pratt
Fri 27 Jul 2012 19:34

27 July 2012 – Faabourg Hafen, S Fyn




The hot weather continues, although the reliability of the GRIB forecasts continues to vex Roger.  He’s come to the conclusion that the weather model isn’t sufficiently sensitive to take into account the coastal and island effects here in Germany and Denmark.  Yesterday the forecast was clearly an easterly (ie, favourable for going west; in fact it turned out to be SW and so adverse.

We left Svendborg at about 11 and motored gently into the anchorage off Faabourg.  Once again, I wussed out from anchoring in 3m (Magnetic Attraction draws 2m) despite there being virtually nil tide, and so we ended up well off shore in 4m water.  The plan was always to anchor – thank goodness, as there was a big Festnoz in the harbour and no spaces whatsoever!  We went in as the light faded to have a look at the boats.  They were spectacular! 



On the way back, Roger recognised in the anchorage some guys he had met that morning in Svendborg.  He says that cruising with Magnetic Attraction is like walking an affectionate dog – everyone comes up to talk.  Kristian, a Norwegian submarine captain, was cruising with Fleur, on sister’s boat “Shanty” from Oslo, and we were invited aboard for a drink. 

Today the old gaffers left about 10, leaving the harbour empty.  We got a good berth – but now have 2 berthed alongside us, rafted out.  The town is small, and very picturesque.  It seems archtype Danish (although we’ve not seem fishermen’s huts as picturesque as these before.)