Farewell to Gosport

Magnetic Attraction
Roger and Margaret Pratt
Fri 19 Jul 2013 21:44

19 July 2013 – Royal Clarence Marina

All works now complete.  Here is a picture of one of four new engine mounts, showing (I hope) just how little space there was for manoeuvre.


The work was substantially complete on Wednesday.  Thursday was taken up with feeler gauges and engine realignment – with success, other than Roger bumping his head.  Blood everywhere, but not a severe cut..  The engine is running very smoothly.  He’s done a great job.

On Wednesday Tristram called by for supper, on his way from Bournemouth to Folkestone.  It was great to see him.


Today Friday we had the sort of day we planned to come to Gosport for – the trip to the new Mary Rose museum in Pompey.  We went across on the ferry late morning via two chandleries (Arthurs and Boat Bitz) for sundries; and walked to the Naval Dockyard.  The new museum is already so busy that you are allocated a time slot.  There was time to get a sandwich for lunch before joining the 12.30 slot.  Fortunately the slot wasn’t time-limited: everything was fascinating and the whole exhibition was beautifully curated.  The hall is a mirror image of the surviving half of the hull, down to the bow in the decks being replicated on the floor levels.  The exhibits are all artefacts placed in “mirror” situ – no replicas.

The preserved remains of the hull have been swung upright and the next step will be to incorporate the remains of the bow. 


We staggered out into the afternoon sun the best part of 3 hours later!

Finally, and just because I have the space, here is a picture of the marina in Gosport, at dusk, taken from the stern of Magnetic Attraction.  Idyllic.  I love Gosport!