10 August, Benodet.

Magnetic Attraction
Roger and Margaret Pratt
Fri 13 Aug 2010 18:09


Fun and high jinks this morning raising the anchor and the kedge at low water in the Anse de Combrit (en L’abri de Combrit!) The water was low, and the wind was funnelling down the anchorage from the west, but with gusts every so often from the south that tended to push us on to the lee shore. We raised the anchor first, leaving the kedge to hold us off the lee shore; then gradually edging across to lift the kedge. All satisfactory: the learning point being that I should have put the warp for the kedge over the bow roller, rather than through the fairlead to the bow cleat (to protect the back when raising!)

We motored gently down on the last of the ebb, and moored alongside a Brit boat, JayGee pending an alongside berth becoming available. This took about an hour – delayed pending a boat and diver unloading an anchor and chain from a boat off racing which offloaded to lighten the hull… All seems a bit odd, but that was the story.

Following advice from Richard and Wendy, we cycled to the Carrefour via an excellent coastal path, and then on (via the coastal path towards the town centre and beach) to a cycle shop where we bought brake cables (Roger’s had broken.) Three – one for him and 2 for me) cost the princely sum of 4 euros. We can confirm in the words of the lady at the capitanerie that this marchand de velos is entirely correct! The coat of the marina was 32 euros, no wifi.

The Quarmbys from JayGee joined us in the late afternoon for afternoon tea and then a glass of wine. No sooner had they gone then we were boarded by Petit Bassam, wishing to moor alongside but misjudging the tide (it was half-tide ebb, about 3 knots) came in downtide at full tilt and out of control. The captain had good English and was very apologetic but views about French seamanship have been reinforced……

Off to Belon tomorrow.

Since writing the above, views have been reinforced yet further. We went to sleep on the start of the ebb – it was like sleeping above a waterfall. During the night there was a lot of brouhaha which turned out to be a large red motor boat from further up the pontoon, drifting down stream with its warps cut, bumping into Petit Bassam with all the occupants in both boats asleep inside. This morning the gendarmerie arrived and took the skipper of Petit Bassam away to make a statement. Then at about 10am the boat on the outside of the trot on the end of the pontoon, Mira V, left downtide and crashed into Growl Tiger, astern of us, and Petit Bassam. What a shower!