24 August - Cherbourg!

Magnetic Attraction
Roger and Margaret Pratt
Tue 25 Aug 2009 20:31
Set off from L'Aber Wra'ch after lunch on 23rd to catch as much as possible of the east going tide.  The wind was dead astern, and flying he genoa without a pole was not an option.  So we motor sailed, with the objective of Braye, on Alderney.  The course took us close to the Casquets, and therefore there was a responsibility to steer small, to stay out of the traffic separation zone and miss the rocks.  All this with some of the very fiercest tides!  THe swell round the Channel Islands got quite nasty, and at one stage Roger was thrown off the bunk onto the floor.  After the Casquets, the wind got up and we had a wonderful reach with flatter seas in about 17 knots of wind for about 6 hours - lovely!
When Roger uploaded the weather forecast this morning he decided that it would be preferable to go on to Cherbourg - another 30 miles or so.  There will be gales tomorrow Wednesday, and then the wind is likely to go NW, so by setting off from a more easterly point the wind direction will be better for the sail home. 
So here we are anchored in the Port Militaire, very comfortable, and awaiting bad weather.  I rang Auntie Dorothy to wish her a happy 88th birthday - she was on fine form.  We have done the final shopping, so can say aboard tomorrow if it gets rough.  But I'm running ot of books!  Michael Foot's Aneurin Bevan saw me accross Biscay; and sinced then I'm also finished Amanda Foreman's Georgiana, Duchess of Devonshire.  Now onto Miss Marple....