Ashore in Grenada

Mystic of Holyhead (successor to Lynn Rival)
Rachel and Paul Chandler
Thu 13 Aug 2020 16:48
We really hoped to have Mystic safely ashore in Trinidad by now and us back to the UK before the end of the summer.  But Trinidad remains firmly shut to foreign yachts with no signs of opening up.  Grenada's anchorages are busy and the boatyards are filling up so we grabbed ourselves a space.  That was the easy bit.

All along a problem has been that we couldn't persuade our current insurers to cover Mystic for the hurricane season in Grenada.  We made enquiries, including locally, with a number of providers - including lots of tedious on-line form filling -  but found many were just not interested.  Luckily we got a positive response from Admiral and after the usual exchange of copious amounts of information and handing over a huge chunk of money our cover was arranged, so a big thumbs up to them.

Time to remove the mainsail - we remove all sails, canvas and external halliards to mitigate storm damage

That sorted we were able to have Mystic hauled out at Clarkes Court Boatyard.  When we were here in 2016 with Lynn Rival they used a trailer designed for monohulls but for catamarans they use their enormous boat lift, which is big enough to haul small ferries.

Two divers checking the position of the lifting straps

Bottom cleaning

Mystic being delicately placed in pole position

Now ashore we have been staying in an apartment just a short walk from the boatyard.  We have booked flights for next week and are busy packing up, not knowing how long it will be before we see Mystic again.  We hope to return to Grenada in November but with the pandemic hysteria over Covid continuing who knows whether that will be possible.