Haul out

Mystic of Holyhead (successor to Lynn Rival)
Rachel and Paul Chandler
Sat 20 Dec 2008 11:17

Boatyard workers Henty and Sanji 'dont do swimming'

By the time we got back to Cochin the Volvo Race yachts were back in the water and conducting their own sea trials.  Once back in the boatyard we were hauled out.  It took a day, starting at high tide in the morning when we gently manoeuvred onto the underwater trolley and tied ropes from the trolley to the deck.  As the tide fell, workmen put clamps in place to support both ends, inserting wooden chocks as necessary.  In the late afternoon we were gently hauled up the railway and onto dry land.  Easy!

Lynn Rival awaiting attention

In the almost 20 years that Gavin has sailed on Lynn Rival he has never seen her out of the water so that was a new experience for him.  Sadly he left the following day and didn't experience the fun of the re-start of the Volvo race. 

Snake boat racing has been adopted by Kerala, with Volvo 70s behind

We joined John (boatyard owner) on his charter yacht Rosa to be part of the flotilla of spectator boats watching the eight 70-foot dinghies do a tour of the harbour before going offshore for the proper start. 

Green Dragon leads the parade

While Team Russia wonder whether it was wise to save the haul out charge

And the Dutch go on the putty

Paul was disappointed because the Volvo yachts only had their mainsails up but there was a great atmosphere in Cochin harbour with so many boats of all kinds milling around enjoying the spectacle.  One highlight was when on of the Volvo yachts, Delta Lloyd, got stuck in the mud and had to be rescued by their support boat.  A catamaran ferry carrying spectators also got stuck in the falling tide and had to be towed off by a tug boat.

Puma definitely have the best colour scheme

Various ex-rally yachts have been coming and going.  Reckless of Hamble are now here, being the last to arrive from Goa.  Alero has now gone on a regatta to the Lakshadweep islands, joining various sailing boats of the Indian navy.  Mailys has gone to the Maldives but may be back later.  Other yachts are now homing in on Cochin and more are expected in the coming weeks as late January is the favoured time for heading to the Red Sea and Mediterranean.

Cochin Port Offices lit up for the Volvo, not Christmas

We are now winding down for our trip home for Christmas and the New Year.  With the boat out of the water and us lodging on land we can get on with maintenance that's difficult when afloat.  Paul has taken various things apart to check for replacement parts, including removing the seacocks and finding that a lot of the bolts need to be replaced.  Rachel has been creating a lot of dust down below, stripping old varnish off the saloon table.  Such is the cruising life.