End of year review

Mystic of Holyhead (successor to Lynn Rival)
Rachel and Paul Chandler
Thu 31 Dec 2020 01:30

Christmas day in Grenada - our apartment is centre right, Mystic is beyond the trees in the boatyard 

Nothing changes, except for the ever increasing self-inflicted crises of lockdown harms and national debt.  Why has the Western world not come to it's senses? (Perhaps because of the WHO's redefinition of a word and a phrase: 'case' and 'herd immunity' - look them up!)

An interesting analysis is provided by Dr Hugh Willbourn, a psychotherapist who back in May diagnosed Festinger Syndrome.  His latest blog is well worth a read (https://www.hughwillbourn.com/post/17-remedies-for-2021), though he offers little hope of a return to normality.

"Reason, discussion and science are not enough to rescue people from delusion. The problem is one of emotional attachment. Some lockdown believers are innocents who have been bamboozled by the relentless media misrepresentation. Others proclaim the perils of the virus ever more loudly in order to drown out the still small voice of their own conscience and avoid the pain and shame of admitting their errors. They are avoiding the 'cognitive dissonance' that Festinger identified."

During the year we have lost many friends to the Covidian cult but we have also found new (lockdown sceptic) ones who have retained the ability to reason, and to whom we are grateful for support in these dark times.  We salute the many brave scientists, medical professionals and media commentators who have spoken out, seeking to bring rationality and perspective to the usually hysterical and censorious debate.