The end of an era

Mystic of Holyhead (successor to Lynn Rival)
Rachel and Paul Chandler
Thu 21 Sep 2017 07:37
Soon after arriving in Lisbon Lynn Rival was hauled out and parked in the boatyard next to Mystic.  Job done, Paul and Bob returned to the UK.  We then loaded up the car with things for Mystic, including new rigging, fabric for recovering berth cushions, an air conditioner and much, much more until the car was full.  Once again the ferry trip from Portsmouth (to Bilbao this time) and drive through northern Spain was a very pleasant experience.  There was a bit more traffic on the roads in August but nothing like in southern England.

Lisbon is hot in August so our work rate was slow.  Our neighbours in the boatyard were amazed at how much stuff we had to remove from Lynn Rival in the process of de-cluttering and sprucing her up for sale.  We didn't want to overload Mystic so that which we couldn't part with (yet) went underneath, between the hulls.  All we need is a door at each end to make the perfect storage facility.

A week ago we were approached by a couple who wanted to view Lynn Rival.  They declared themselves in love at first sight.  The next day they made an offer which we accepted and a few days later we signed a contract for the sale.  It all happened very quickly and we are very happy that she will be in good hands.

Sold!  Just waiting for her new owners.