Christmas special

Mystic of Holyhead (successor to Lynn Rival)
Rachel and Paul Chandler
Tue 31 Dec 2019 17:47
N12:27.3 W061:29.1

While fixing things in Grenada we had little time for Christmas shopping though we did have a pleasant meal at Whisper Cove Marina.  It's just changed ownership so no longer has the French influence - and, alas, no more butchery and deli. 

The weather continues to be changeable and the forecast was good for Christmas Day so we hastily got ready for a daysail to Carriacou.  Most cruisers were having a lie in as we motored out of the anchorage at 8am.  The seas were still quite bouncy but once out of the bay and heading north we sailed all the way, arriving at Tyrrel Bay in the early afternoon.  For Christmas lunch we had ships biscuits (of the Fortnum and Masons variety!) 

We had seen few other yachts sailing and the anchorage was busy but we found a good spot to anchor close to the beach.  It was time for cooling swims and a chance relax after a taxing few days.  On Boxing Day we went ashore for a recce and found a new supermarket open, with an amazing range of fresh and frozen produce, and treats usually only available on bigger islands.  To our surprise we also found a local meat shop 'open'.  Kathleen, who also cleans the next door apartments, is a very enterprising lady who hails potential customers as they pass by!

Not a lot has changed here since our visit in March 2016, although there are more buildings in the port area with a marina development on-going next to the mangrove lagoon.