Pictures from Portugal

Mystic of Holyhead (successor to Lynn Rival)
Rachel and Paul Chandler
Sat 13 Oct 2012 09:22
We've had a hectic ten days ticking off the tourist high spots of Porto and Lisbon.  What you might call a 'Two cities break'.  Lynda joined us for a week in Lisbon and ensured that the pace was not allowed to drop (although we nearly did).  The fantastic collection at the Gulbenkian Museum escaped our photographer's attention - perhaps it was just too enthralling - but here's a taste of the other sights:

Traditional barges moored on the river Douro in Porto where we sampled the port.

A break from sight-seeing.  Will this stop the engine box squeaking when we roll around in the Atlantic swell?  We have a long list of things to finish off.

In the early morning we pass Belem tower at the entrance to the river Tagus and Lisbon.  A well preserved monument built in the early 16th century, when Portugal led the way in exploring towards the East.

5th October was a day for street protests, including someone dressed up as a giant prime minister

Where did I leave the paint? 
Street sculpture abounds: here's an example from the Parque das Nacoes.  Another favourite roundabout feature is a refinery tower that has been preserved for posterity.

The Oceanarium is not to be missed.  Well-fed sharks have been trained not to eat their friends.

Vasco da Gama at the Maritime Museum. 
Lots of interesting stuff here including scale models of ancient and modern vessels, complete with all the rigging, and the tale of the sinking of two Portuguese naval ships by India in 1961, from a local point of view!

A day-trip by train to see the Pena Palace at Sintra.  The train drivers' industrial action added to the challenge.

The Castle at Sintra.

Back in Lisbon for a view from another castle.

We'll be leaving Lisbon tomorrow for an overnight sail south to Cape St Vincent and then east as far as Lagos, where we'll make final preparations for our return to Africa!.