Getting ready to leave Europe

Mystic of Holyhead (successor to Lynn Rival)
Rachel and Paul Chandler
Sat 12 Jan 2013 16:38
28:05.34N 017:06.55W

Time for a bit of shopping.  I wonder what we'll find in here (apart from hoards of German shoppers)?

 . . . and maybe some bacon in here (as well as hoards of British shoppers)?

Not too much really . . . we'll have another go tomorrow when all this is stashed away!

Helen arrived on Wednesday and hasn't been to Tenerife before.

To give Helen a chance to acclimatise there was only one place to aim for.

The view from halfway up: what goes on in all those big tents?

Dare we peer in, or is that a 'poison' warning on the gate?

Gosh - a new version of 'grow-bags'

 It was clear at the top so the views were even more stunning than before. 

Looking over the old caldera towards Gran Canaria

Beyond Pico Viejo, the most recent crater, are the islands of La Gomera (30 miles) and El Hiero (78 miles)

Hats off for three intrepid explorers, at an unaccustomed altitude of 3,550m

the local resident wasn't impressed - is that a hungry look?

Yesterday we motored to La Gomera.  After topping up the water we'll be off southward tomorrow.  Hopefully there'll be some wind - forcasts predict force 6 for Monday onwards.