The truth (and the screws) will out

Mystic of Holyhead (successor to Lynn Rival)
Rachel and Paul Chandler
Wed 30 May 2018 16:48

Apologies to those interested in how we're getting on with Mystic - and any still wondering if we'll ever go cruising again.

The boatyard, from over the creek in Seixal

The truth is Mystic is still in the boatyard, looking a bit of a mess.  We have put a lot of thought and effort into each element of renewal and upgrade - in the hope that we won't end up wishing we'd done it differently.  Rest assured, the stage where we stow our tools and get shipshape is not so far off.  The heaps - packages of new equipment and materials - underneath the hulls are definitely diminishing.

No need to queue! The second head takes shape

And the first head is upgraded to Lavac, needing completely new pipework

Removal of the diesel tank allows easier access to the front of the engine

New basin, top and taps in the main head

New wiring harnesses to engine and alternator

Rachel has been taking time out for medical treatment (so the squeamish should skip this para).  In March she had a septoplasty - to straighten out the inside of her nose which got bashed when she broke her arm.  More recently she had an operation to remove the two screws from the top of the rod in her broken arm.  Paul always thought the screws looked too long (in the post-op x-rays) but regular check-ups in the UK failed to identify this as the reason Rachel couldn't regain full use of her arm.  We ended up consulting a shoulder specialist in Lisbon who recommended removing the screws ("yesterday!") because they were likely to be causing the problem - and damage to the joint.  Now they are gone Rachel is already feeling an improvement and is following a strict  (and painful, of course) exercise regime to get her stiff shoulder working again.

Lynn Rival's new owners, Jose and Caroline, who live in Peniche, have been busy getting her ready for launching.  She is now Belgian flagged, renamed "Anixa II" (pronounced "aneesha 2") and looks like a racing car (covered in sponsorship stickers).  Recently they invited us to visit their home in Peniche, a picturesque port north of Lisbon, giving us the excuse to see a bit more of Portugal.

An outing - the Atlantic coast at Peniche . . .

. . . and the nearby castle and village of Obidos

farewell Lynn Rival, god bless Anixa II and all who sail in her