Lagos to Rabat N34:01.8 W6:49.3

Mystic of Holyhead (successor to Lynn Rival)
Rachel and Paul Chandler
Tue 30 Oct 2012 14:50
Our 'few days' in Lagos turned out to be 12.  Sorting out the genoa furling problem was a puzzling and time-consuming exercise, though local expertise was prompt and helpful when it came to repairing the genoa and checking the fridge.

Lagos is a popular over-wintering spot for cruisers and there were quite a few coming and goings so we were never short of company.  We met Pam and Bruce, who have a Rival 36 called Osprey, and exchanged visits.  It's always fascinating to look over other Rivals.  Eventually it was time to go but the weather forecast wasn't good so we found things to keep us busy.  Roy on Adara spent a day with us trying to help figure out why we've yet to master how to download weatherfax on our HF radio.

Finally it looked as if the weather would suit our passage to Rabat.  Not being fussy, we wanted enough wind to be able to sail but not so much as to make it hard work; nothing from the south; and, most importantly, not too much swell at Rabat at our projected arrival time.
We left on Saturday with northerly winds but then had to motor in little wind for most of Sunday, arriving here in light easterlies.  Entering the river at Rabat is rather exciting (aka not safe) when there's a big swell generated by westerlies.  Once inside the marina is well sheltered.

That's close enough! - he's well over half the length of Lynn Rival

On the way we had the company of dolphins on the first night and then yesterday evening we were lucky enough to see a pair of whales, one was probably a Minke, at least 8 metres long.  It swam around for some time, surfacing briefly, and wasn't easy to capture.

Luckily I didn't have a big enough hook for this one either

Paul was content to catch 2 tuna - normal service resumed as we returned to Africa!.