Goan sailing

Mystic of Holyhead (successor to Lynn Rival)
Rachel and Paul Chandler
Sun 2 Nov 2008 05:49
Yesterday we left Panjim and are now anchored off Palolem beach, at the southern end of the Goan coastline.  The scenery is lovely and although it's quite a popular beach, it's not built up and a very pleasant change from the noise of the city.

from our anchorage off Palolem beach, one of Goa's less spoilt beaches

We left behind Lo on Mistral and two other Rally boats.  The pontoon is now due to be dismantled on 16th November.  It's such a pity as it was a great facility, close to the town with water and electricity laid on.  Lo has been campaigning hard to keep it in place at least until next February when he would like to return with his next Rally (which will start in Cochin and return to Turkey).

Lynn Rival (right) enjoys her last night (and only night alongside) on the pontoon

The weather has cooled down a bit for the last week or so.  We are only having light winds at the moment: land and sea breezes.  It can still get very humid in the mornings when the sun gets up and if there is no cooling wind.  We had our first swim yesterday (since leaving the Red Sea) and are looking forward to more in the next few days.  The water is tepid.

Leaving the Mandovi River just after dawn

Our last week in Panjim was busy with stocking up and final preparations to set sail.  It was also the Diwali festival so there were decorations everywhere, fireworks and a generally cheerful mood.  It was sad to say goodbye to the friends we'd made there: Ernesto, who runs such a welcoming bar and who's brother cooks such good steaks; Howard, who was so helpful when we were anchored in Verim Bay; and, of course, Soniya and Shammi, who did so much to organise the pontoon.

Two of the 'offshore' casino boats which are soon to exclude yachts from Goa

We expect to take another 7 or 8 days getting to Cochin.  Lynda is coming to visit on the 14th, which means we'll be doing some sight-seeing at last.