Helgens weather forcast

SY Coral IV
Kolbjørn Haarr and Otto Hulbak / Morten Persson
Fri 8 Mar 2013 17:01
19:19.3 N 56:30.2 W
To: Morten Persson and crew of “ Coral IV”
From: Commanders Weather Corp, tel 603-882-6789
Route: St Lucia to Azores to England
Last Position: 1200 UTC Fri, Mar 8, 2013 – 19 09n/56 46w
Prepared: 1330 UTC Fri Mar 8, 2013

1) Due to stormy pattern with low pressure tracking E across N Atlantic,
you may want to take a more southerly route over next few days
2) With generally a S-SW to SW breeze, you can head more E, heading E-NE
toward 22 30n/47 30w
  a) if you continue heading more N, you will get into rougher conditions
than forecast below
3) Right now, there is a potent storm system centered north of Bermuda near
38n/63w with cold front extending S and SW to the NE Caribbean
4) You will be just ahead of this front with a S-SW breeze into tonight
  a) wind mainly 10-16 kts, but
5) Wind diminishes some and turns more right into SW overnight into Sat AM,
as this front comes closer to you
  a) could be a shower/squall around tonight
6) Front weakens/fizzles out just to N and W of you during Sat, which will
allow wind to increase and back into S-SW again
  a) wind into teens to 20 kts by afternoon
7) With the big low well to north, you will still get into a stronger S-SW
breeze during Sun and into Mon
  a) wind into the 20s, and
  b) wind will be stronger to N, while lighter S…so best to limit northing
and heading E-NE
8) Another cold front will be pushing to the E and SE, which will produce
some cloudiness and may be some showers/squalls around during Sun and into
  a) gusts to 30 kts possible
9) This front eases thru sometime later Mon or Mon night, which will allow
wind to turn more right into W-SW and W
  a) can head more N as this time, which
10) You will get into a more favorable W flow during Tue, which turns into
the W-NW and NW by Wed
  a) wind speeds into 20s, and
  b) there is chance for gusts to 30-35 kts during Tue
11) Models differ some later in week, whether storm moves to E of Azores or
hangs back to the W
12) If the low/storm hangs back to the W, then wind may back and increase
some during Thu into Fri
13) But if storm tracks more E, then may see lighter NW to N wind later in

1) With the S-SW flow, best to head more E, aiming for 22 30n/47 30w, then
2) As wind shifts right into W-SW and W, then can gybe and head direct
toward Azores on Mon
3) Estimated positions listed below

Wind forecasts
Wind directions are TRUE, wind speed in kts and time is UTC

Fri, Mar 8
15: 180-210/ 10-15
18: 200-220/ 11-16
21: 210-230/ 10-15
Weather…Partly cloudy, chance for a brief shower/squall late PM/evening
Seas 3-5 ft, building to 6-8 ft, larger N-NW swell tonight

Sat, Mar 9 – front fizzles out just to N and W
00: 210-240/ 12-17 – front just to N and W
06: 220-250/ 8-14
12: 220-190/ 12-17 nr 20 35n/53 45w
18: 190-210/ 15-22
Weather… partly to variable cloudy, chance for isolated squally shower in
the AM
Seas 6-9 ft, up to 8-12 ft by night, from N-NW

Sun, Mar 10 – heading E-NE with stronger S-SW flow
00: 200-220/ 14-20
06: 200-220/ 15-22
12: 190-210/ 17-24     nr 21 30n/ 50 40w
18: 200-220/ 18-25
Weather…partly to mostly cloudy, chance for a band of showers/squalls,
which may contain gusts to 30 kts
Seas up to 10-14 ft, wind wave chop (3-6 ft) with large N-NW swell

Mon, Mar 11- cold front just to N and W, weakening, easing thru late
00: 210-240/ 18-25
06: 210-240/ 20-30 g35
12: 220-240/ 18-26 nr 22 15n/47 30w
18: 230-250/ 18-26 – gybing and head more N?
Weather…Still lots of cloudiness with chance for showers and squalls
around, mainly in the AM
Seas 10-14 ft, wind waves (3-6 ft) with large N-NW swell

Tue, Mar 12 – stronger W flow
00: 250-270/20-28
06: 260-280/20-30
12: 260-280/20-30 g35 nr 24 30n/45 30w
18: 270-290/20-30
Weather…partly to variable cloudy, chance for passing shower
Seas 10-14 ft, wind waves (4-7 ft) with large N-NW swell

Wed, Mar 13 – heading NE direct toward Azores
00: 280-310/18-26
12: 300-320/18-26 nr 26 30n/43 30w
Weather…partly to variable cloudy
Seas 8-12 ft, wind waves (3-5 ft) with NW swell

Best regards,
Chris Wasserback