Weather 3/15/13

SY Coral IV
Kolbjørn Haarr and Otto Hulbak / Morten Persson
Sat 16 Mar 2013 17:06

For dere med interesse av værmeldingene vi får:

To: Morten Persson and crew of “ Coral IV”

From: Commanders Weather Corp, tel 603-882-6789

Route: St Lucia to Azores to England

Last Position: 26 06N/44 09W at 1300UTC Fri, March 15

Prepared: 1330UTC Friday, March 15, 2013


1) Low is located S of the Azores, near 35-36N/28-29W and is moving ENE

a) next cold front is located near 30N/56 30W and is moving ESE

2) We are stuck between the low and the cold front in a weak ridge of high

a) winds will be light and even lighter during the next 24-36 hours

b) wind directions will be slowly backing

c) rhumb line is great towards the Azores, but north/west of rhumb line
is fine as well, since this will increase the apparent wind speed,
especially as winds back

d) in addition, north/west of RL will get you into the wind preceding
the cold front a bit earlier

3) In 24 hours, the cold front will be near 30N/48W and moving ESE

a) your winds will start to freshen from the W and SW

b) cold front will arrive Sat evening, probably between sunset and
around midnight

c) winds will shift into the NW and N after the cold front passes and
wind speeds will reach 20-30+ kts – this will force us to sail a little
below/south of RL. So, it is okay to get some northing today and tomorrow,
due to better sailing angle and into the new breeze sooner, but northing
today and tomorrow will help when we are headed after the cold front

d) winds behind the cold front will be rough for 12-18 hours and then
diminish again

4) Similar story Sun night/Mon when winds become light – we favor north of
rhumb line

a) the next low will be near 42N/40/42W mid-day Mon. This low will be
moving NE

b) the cold front will extend from the low to 35N/44W mid-day Mon and
moving quickly ESE

c) this front will be stronger, so we limit our northing to only what
keeps the boat moving quickly towards the Azores

5) Cold front arrives mid-day Tue and this will be a strong cold front

a) strongest winds will be Wed daytime into Thu when the W-NW winds are
at least 20-30 kts with higher gusts

Routing...Rhumb line to the Azores, but when light, favor a little north
RL. When winds are strong then RL or a little south of RL

Wind forecasts

Wind directions are TRUE, wind speed in kts and time is UTC

Fri, Mar 15

18: 360-330/ 6-10

Weather…Fair to partly cloudy with small wind waves and 5-7 feet of N to

Sat, Mar 16

00: 340-310/ 5-9

06: 330-300/ 5-9

12: 300-270/ 4-7, estimating you near 28N/42 10W

18: 230-250/ 7-14

Weather…Sunshine giving way to increasing clouds. A few gusty/squally
showers likely at night, especially during the evening. SW-W-NW seas 5-7

Sun, Mar 17

00: 270-300/ 8-16, gust/squall 20-30 as the cold front passes by

06: 330-360/15-20, gusts 25

12: 360-020/17-23, estimating you near 30 10N/40 30W

18: 010-030/22-12

Weather…Cloudy to partly cloudy with W-NW-N seas 6-9 feet, but diminishing

Mon, Mar 18

00: 030-010/10-15

06: 360-300/ 4-8

12: 290-250/ 5-10, near 31 50N/33 15W

18: 250-270/11-17

Weather…Partly to mostly cloudy with squally showers late at night. Small
seas becoming WSW and W at 6-9 feet late at night

Tue, Mar 19

00: 260-280/15-20

06: 250-270/16-22, gusts 30

12: 270-300/17-24, gusts/squalls 40, cold front passing by near 33 20N/36W

18: 330-350/20-30

Squally showers likely mid-day then mostly cloudy with 1 or 2 gusty
right thru the overnight. SW-NW seas up to 6-9 feet at night

Wed, Mar 20

00: 320-340/18-26

06: 300-320/20-30

12: 300-320/25-35, gusts 40, estimating you near 35N/34W

18: 290-310/25-35, gusts 40

Cloudy to partly cloudy. Maybe a gusty shower or 2. Seas from the W and NW
and up to 6-10 feet

Best regards, Ken Campbell

*Commanders' Weather Corporation
Tel: 603-882-6789
Email: info {CHANGE TO AT} commandersweather {DOT} com
Normal hours of operation: 5am to 5pm US eastern time, 7 days a week