SY Coral IV
Kolbjørn Haarr and Otto Hulbak / Morten Persson
Mon 11 Mar 2013 18:48
22:17.4 N 51:38.5 W
- Strålende vær
- Vind på mellom 20 og 30 knop
- Seiler butterfly
- Bølgehøyde på ca 7 meter
- Holder nå fart på 7-9 knop
Under er værmeldingen for de neste dageneSmile emoticon
To:                   Morten Persson and crew of “ Coral IV”

From:              Commanders Weather Corp, tel 603-882-6789

Route:             St Lucia to Azores to England

Last Position:  21 59n/ 52 11w at 1200 UTC Mon, Mar 11, 2013

Prepared:        1500 UTC Mon Mar 11, 2013

Summary:.. Wind regime looks pretty good for possibly the rest of the trip
but there will be large

                    NW-N swells to deal with next few days which will
slowly diminish

1) Large and still fairly intense low is located at 35n/ 50w at 12 UTC

2) This low will track SE next 48 hours tending to weaken  then will reform
to the NE second half of the


                     a) By 12 utc Tue low will be near 33n/ 48w

                     b) By 12 utc Wed near 29n/46w

                     c) By 12 utc Thu near 36n/39w – low reforms to NE and
moves eastward

                     d) By 12 utc Fri near 37n/ 29w – just SW of the Azores

                     e) By 12 utc Sat NE of the Azores and moving away.

3)  As the low heads SE and gets a little closer your winds may be somewhat
stronger at times

     next 48 hours.

                     a) Direction will slowly clock to W Tue and to NW Tue
night and Wed.

4)  This should keep you slowly chugging along toward the Azores.

5) Main concern will be the large NW swell which will be at its peak now –
then slowly diminish

6) As the low redevelops to the NE and moves closer to the Azores Thu/Fri
your winds should clock to

     NW and diminish.

                    a) Wind speeds Thursday diminishing to 15 kt range

                    b) By Friday diminish to 10-14 kts.

                    c) Winds will be stronger to the NE of your estimated

7) By Saturday the low exits NE of the Azores and N-S high pressure ridge
approaches from the W.

                    a) Your winds will likely drop to < 10 kts as the ridge
moves thru

                    b) Direction will back to W then likely SW

8) Then next front likely will freshen SW winds to 15-25 kts before
shifting to westerly again early next


9) So the wind regime looks ok for you and will see a gradually diminishing
NW-N swell next few days.

10) Suggest next update Friday – please send position report by 12 utc then
– thanks.

Routing… More or less rhumb line toward the Azores

 Estimated positions listed below

Wind forecasts

Wind directions are TRUE, wind speed in kts and time is UTC

Mon, Mar 11

18: 230-250/ 18-26

Weather…Variable cloudiness with scattered shower or 2 possible

Seas…  wind waves (3-6 ft) with long period NW swell as high as 14-18 ft

Tue, Mar 12

00: 250-270/18-25 g 30

06: 260-280/22-30

12: 250-270/18-25 g 30 nr 23 10n/50 30w

18: 260-280/18-25 g 30

Weather…Variable cloudiness with scattered squally shower or 2 possible

Seas… wind waves (4-7 ft) with long period NW swell diminishing to 10-14 ft

Wed, Mar 13

00: 280-300/18-25

06: 290-310/18-25

12: 290-310/18-25       nr 24 40n/49w

18: 290-310/18-25

Weather…variable cloudiness

Seas …wind waves (3-5 ft) with NW-N  swell 10-14ft

Thu, Mar 14 – winds diminish and will be stronger to the NE

00: 290-310/ 22-30

06: 310-330/ 25-20

12: 320-340/ 20-15    nr 26 30 n/ 46 30w

18: 320-340/ 13-17

Weather…Variable cloudiness

Seas…Wind waves 4-6 ft diminishing to 2-3 ft with long period N-NNE swell
diminishing to 6-10 ft

Fri, Mar 15 – winds stronger to the NE

00: 310-330/ 15-20

06: 310-330/ 14-18

12: 310-330/ 10-14   nr 28n/ 44w

18: 300-320/ 10-14

Weather…Partly cloudy

Seas…wind waves 2-4 ft with long period NE swell 6-8 ft

Sat, Mar 16

00: 300-320/ 10-14

12: 240-260/ 10-6      nr 30n/ 42w

Weather…Partly cloudy

Seas….mostly 5-7 ft long period NE swell

Best regards,

Tom Mattus

*Commanders' Weather Corporation
Tel: 603-882-6789
Email: info {CHANGE TO AT} commandersweather {DOT} com
Normal hours of operation: 5am to 5pm US eastern time, 7 days a week