Frigate Salute for Coral IV

SY Coral IV
Kolbjørn Haarr and Otto Hulbak / Morten Persson
Wed 5 Dec 2012 18:38
19:04.4 N 38:00.8 W
There we were, six of us, alone in the vast central Atlantic Ocean, steadily proceeding towards St Lucia with reefed main and small genoa on the port tack in ENE winds of 20-25 knots and seas of about 3 meters.  No other boats in sight. Then out of the West, three white kite-like objects suddenly appeared in the sky flying in formation.  Together they rode the wind towards our vessel and then hovered for a minute or so on our starboard beam. Frigate birds curious at our appearance in their lonely domain! They wheeled in formation to the North, flew around to the West, approached slowly to the point on our beam, where again they hovered with wings raised to capture maximum lift. They dipped their wings and then continued on their way.    
A Flock of Fish?
There are schools of fish, shoals of mackerel, pods of dolphins, flocks of birds, etc. But what do you call groups of fish that fly? Yesterday, at latitude 20 degrees North, we saw about 30-40 fish flying through the air just above the sea.  Must be flocks of fish?