Bridge to Nowhere

Tue 2 Mar 2010 23:00
From the tram in Wellington - yes we have crossed the divide between the South Island and the North Island!
(Skipper's birthday was spent in Picton and Wellington, the latter at a concert by Madeleine Peyroux and Diana Krall)
To the Bridge to Nowhere!
Built between 1935 & 1936, the bridge was to serve a new settlement that the government had set up deep in the Mangapurua Valley.
But a combination of the remote location and the depression meant that the venture was abandoned leaving only the Bridge to Nowhere.
We travelled to the bridge along the Whanganui River by jet boat and returned down river by Canoe.
River gorge
Then we headed north again around Lake Taupo,
below as seen from Maggie and Mike's home in Kinlock.
Geothermal Walk through the Craters of the Moon
Aratiatia Rapids - so this is as they open the gates (which happens 4 times a day in the Summer)
This is before the water has come under the bridge from the gates
then, same place,  whoosh
The rapids in full flow as seen from the other end!