Close encounters...

Thu 2 Apr 2009 17:16
Leaving Klein Curaco in the morning we saw several groups of 20-30 Flamingos flying in formation. First in long lines above the mast, then in the troughs between waves, nose to toe as if connected by 'flamingo string'!
Then in the afternoon we were paid a visit by the coast guard. We had read in the guide book that they visited all their anchorages and took boat names and flag. But it came as a little surprise to us when a prop plane swooped down and seem to be coming straight for the mast, whilst we were trying to negociate one of two cargo vessels, then circled twice more. Too slow on the camera to get his picture.
Spot of fishing to no avail. We have decided not to fish in the dark so took in the line. Then it was the turn of the sails - we brought in the Genoa (Jenni) for the night to slow us down a tad. But just as dark fell there was a loud BANG as the preventor (rope rigged to stop boom swinging across accidentally) hadn't prevented a partial gybe. A look at the wind indicator and the wind had changed direction. Unfortunate timing as it was now dark. But gybe we did only a controlled version this time. Job done and the first night watch was set to begin, but this time there was a loud CHOOOOF (wooosh?) we all jumped Winny included. Quickly we looked to where the noise had come from, and we were just in time to glimpse our first whale! On our port quarter deck there was a dorsal fin sliding back into the water - just below the BBQ! I don't think it touched us but no way to tell now. However after cleaning bat poo from the saloon I don't relish the task of cleaning whale snot from the underside of the barbie!