Fw: Rotorua

Sun 20 Dec 2009 06:02

38:11.23S  176:20.00E
We have no pictures of bubbling mud or geysers to put on the blog although thats what all our friends have to remind them of Rotorua!
We are staying at the Blue Lake, east of the town, the lake is home to the Rotorua Water Ski Club!  
A walk to meet the locals, he's looking much more cool!
We managed to chose an event weekend again, this time a triathlon on Saturday morning.  The athletes were all up 'bright and early' in the dark, for the 5am start.  By the time we were on the road many were finishing their bike stage so the road was busy on the way into town.  This reminded me of the days when I would have been amongst them not waiting for them to cross the road back to the bike park,  ## years ago now.
But we were off to the Luge also ## years ago.  No1's first ride uphill in a gondola was followed by the NZ design and produced Luge, a three wheeled version, with a very effective brake if you ask me not at all like the original!  After a lesson from the team at the top it was off down the scenic track for a warm up/practice. 
This track is unnerving as the corners are banked the wrong way, makes you slow down though, perhaps thats why they do it?  There are three tracks; Scenic, Intermediate and Advanced, all lead to the same place, No1's first chair lift.
Successfully negotiated the lift and off to the Intermediate track, No1 was growing in confidence.
We managed to ride all the tracks without any bumping so decided to quit whilst ahead and go in search of the curious Kiwis next door.  Kiwis are nocturnal so failing to see one in the wild in Northland we went on a hatchery tour where we saw 2.  One Grandma kiwi 50 years old and little one only three months old.  Bothbundles of brown feathers jumping and running around using their long beaks to probe for food.
Today we took our Xmas presents into the forest.  We bought a map of the area covered by the cycle tracks, it looks like a piste map gone mad as tracks wiggle up and down hill through the forest.  Tracks are all colour coded, 5 grades easy to outrageous, we stayed on grade 2!  Our bikes and our nerve probably not up to much more.  A great ride was had and I was thinking I should have my bike from home to bounce around on.  That made me think Adam, who set my bike up, would go crazy around there.  Not forgetting Chris, Jimmy, Mark, Tai, Ali, Lou and Harris would all love it.  Not the normal thing to do in Rotorua but then we didn't get this far doing the normal things!