Checking out

Thu 26 Feb 2009 14:48
13 58.05N  61 01.90W
Our second visit to Marigot Bay and we were ready this time,  after dark the fruit was in a bowl in the fridge or in the cockpit.  Sure enough we got back from dinner and the bananas in the cockpit had been savoured by the bats, more gone this time as the bananas were riper and there was no mango option.  Windows and hatches were closed most of the night as it hardly stopped raining long enough to notice so no further visits.
The fuel dock here is constantly busy as the boats from Martinique are still coming to St Lucia, now we have a fuel gauge and 5 gallons in a spare tank we may wait until Bequia for diesel.  Checked out from customs and immigration already but the dock no longer does duty free fuel so our organisation is to no advantage anyway.
Stephen and Carl left yesterday for the cricket in Barbados, once again had the Liat fairy godmother looking after them, the flight arrived 20 mins early!!  Never before have we known Liat to be early and they did it twice!  Anyway back to 2 of us so the backgammon is out and a new league starting.  Also we have spread gear back into the aft cabins, looking clearer in the salon.   Yesterday was also raining almost constantly so we went ashore to do chores and both had a haircut which means we now look like sea hedgehogs, that photo even more funny now.  (see 9th Feb blog)
Good news is we have managed to reiki the photo card and retrieved the pictures of Antigua and Guadeloupe we thought were lost for ever.  Amazing how quickly one forgets things until nudged by a picture.
Weather is improving according to the forecast, so St Vincent and the Grenadines from tomorrow.  Funny how the Liat fairy godmother was working but the boys had no influence over the weather gods.