swim past fly past!

Tue 20 Oct 2009 21:47
Just after our last blog, where we had Hectors come to visit, we then had a visit by New Zealand native porpoises, always good to raise spirits, but not nearly as exciting as the whales that came to get a glimpse of Winny!
This morning an Orion plane buzzed us, he's out checking the position of yachts in the area and their eta into their port of entry - good to know we aren't the only ones out here.
Skipper asked for a weather update, after last night was spent going round in circles trying to avoid the squalls that kept coming through, we were assured that this southerly would turn westerly soon. Seemed like the other yachties were all asking the same question, as we heard them each being called up after us.
All the warm clothes are now out, (where are those thermal socks?) so we must be getting closer. The sea has also turned from an inky black to bluey green.