Happy New Year!

Sat 3 Jan 2009 21:29

Happy New Year to you all! Which all four of us nearly missed by falling asleep. Fortunately Captain Alyson was on hand to call us all up on deck just as the midnight hour struck. We toasted the New Year in with a bottle of fizz whilst watching the fireworks then went back to sleep.

We delivered Deborah and Greg safely back to Trellis Bay with a short dingy hop to the airport on New Years Day. Since D & G left we feel like Christmas has finally arrived as our boxes landed on Tortola after 3 weeks in Antigua. It only took us 3 hours (Island time) to get them from Liat the flight handler, via customs, to Express couriers, back to customs, back to Express with Colin the Taxi man and finally down to the dock - with a fee of $20-25 at every stage. Then came the grand opening ceremony which took place on the dock, whilst Alyson made 3 trips in the dingy (yes it is a very small dingy) I packed everything into dry bags for the ferrying procedure. So we are now ready for guests - sorry D & G we now have wine goblets & all the gear!

The weather is alternating between typically Tropical and stormy Atlantic. So today sees us sheltering in Great Harbour Peter Island (for those of you who have been here before). Still have a few technical/engine things to sort out before we can get underway to Antigua which is our next stop.