Onward to Marquesas

Sat 6 Jun 2009 16:56
DAY 3 Continued:
Just to conclude Day 3 from the last blog. Skipper suddenly exclaimed she had a fish on the line. So we all jumped to our positions - No.1 gloves, Medical Officer (Mirjam) anaesthetist - rubbing alcohol to hand. The fish was huge, and about 40' foot away from the boat we remembered that our line is only designed to land fish of 40lb. or less so this chap broke away!
To console ourselves we put the kettle on and settled down to a good old cup of tea.
Simultaneously we all exclaimed can you smell fish, bad fish, jumping up to check we hadn't snared another fishing pot, Skipper observed about 100 metres away on our port quarter, what could be a whale's footprint, at the same time there seemed to be a large white object forward of the boat. As she reached for the bins the two M's suddenly exclaimed 'WHALE'! Huge great back arched out of the water, with just a small fin, very blue in colour and only 25 metres off our Port bow! We watched as it made it's progress across infront of us and then forward of our Starboard side for the next hour. But there wasn't just one whale, there were two blowholes side by side. The blow was at about a 1 o'clock angle - we are hoping this will help us to identify what sort of whale it was though we are all certain it was the largest Blue Whale ever!
DAY 4 - Friday 05.06.09
7am - Skipper asked me to come up on deck and help her reel in today's catch!
So Dorado ceviche and pan fried Dorado for tea today!!
DAY 5 - Saturday 06.06.09
02' 41 096 S 95' 58 384 W