Rodney Bay

Wed 18 Feb 2009 00:41
A bit of a day in the Marina! 
Arrived yesterday after a sleep stop SW Martinique, about 5 miles off St Lucia we had a most amazing sight, there must have been 60+ dolphins in a group, pod, leaping through the swell.  The swell was from the east and the pod was moving towards the east so each time they came over a crest it was a wave of dolphins.  They were on a mission and not inclined to play in the bow wave, although we were doing dolphin speed (7 knots according to our source). Not forgetting the dolphins who did play in the bow wake the previous day! There was an earlier sighting of our first whale or a gigantic dolphin to start the day!
In to Rodney Bay around another Pigeon Island and all calmed down.  We had just spoken to the marina dockmaster to get a slip assignment and set up lines and fenders when another squall hit and we were bobbing around getting a thorough shower, good to get the salt off but not good for getting through the narrow channel into the lagoon.  By the time we got in all the dock staff were sheltering or drying off so no help on the dock.  Out of practice at driving around in tight spaces in the wind so we got blown onto the catamaran in the berth next door, oops,  (they had just taken 17 days to cross the Atlantic so didn't need us on their bow)  Today 1st job was to find a fibreglass man to repair the gelcoat!!  Small patch no probs. 
Daft thing was after clearing customs and checking in at the marina office we had to move to another berth as our shore power connection was wrong for the dock we were on!!!  How annoying does it get?  The fact we had 2 dock staff waiting for lines on the second attempt may suggest the rain had long gone.
Today at 8am we first had to find the 'fibre glass man' spoke to Reanow he was busy so suggested we try Elvis, he hadn't been seen in the yard yet so got another number from the office to try, John called us back and agreed to look at the job in an hour, turned out he was busy so got Kelly to do the work.  In an English 'if you start now you will be finished by lunchtime' sort of way we were happy the job was being done.  Nothing happened, eventually No1 saw Kelly coming out of the chandlers with materials at 2pm wondering why we were looking so anxious.  While waiting for Reanow to meet us and tell us he was too busy we visited the 'engine man'  Egbert was not in yet so we left word about the gear shift problem and someone was to come and see us on the dock.   Matthew came to see us just as we expected John!  Where he came from I have no idea but when I told him the problem it was a job for Roger!!  Roger had called Matthew in the first place evidently.  We managed to find a job for Matthew and off he went to find the sender we needed for the fuel gauge.  Meanwhile Roger came round and diagnosed the gear problem, but can he get the parts? 
It's been a busy day on Winny, we now have a fuel gauge we think works,  Contents of the lazurette (locker under the seat) all over the cockpit as the largest of our technicians got into it to connect the new gauge.   A promise of a fix for the gears tomorrow or Monday.  Alyson as usual has spent alot of time under the floor or bed boards and the whole place was trashed for most of the day.
So who knows what tomorrow brings! Though we would like to be on our way to Viges, where we have a reservation for a very special birthday dinner on Thursday!!