Animals on the cruise!

Sun 31 May 2009 22:05
The Galapagos Islands are famous for finches, we don't have any pictures of them! The whole theory started with Mocking Birds anyway,so who needs em?  So... also famous for the fearlessness of the animals, as there are no indigenous predators for alot of them.  Here are a few we came across on our guided walks and a swim
Sally Lightfoot Crabs look like they have boxing gloves on, they are pale blue underneath but colour seems to elude the cameras. They are on all rocks and lava close to the water and sometimes the beach.
Visitors must stick to the paths at all times, i.e. between the posts.  Perhaps the Sea Lions were just visiting?
This one played with us at the beach until deciding we were no match, she moved so quickly only during one of many back somersaults did we get a good picture.
Male Frigate birds show off this bright red pouch to attract a mate,  Over inflated if you ask me!
That's what you get for making woo!!
Happy family on Seymour Island,  Mum has white breast, chicks start off all white, this one has got some black on tiny wings.
Blue Footed Boobies show off their feet!
Whoopee doo etc.  One chick & one egg.
Little wings, big stretch.  (No they aren't surrounded by snow and feathers.)
There were also Galapagos sharks, white tipped sharks. Swalloow tailed Gulls, Fur Seals, Marine Iguanas, etc. etc.
Next stop Marqueses Islands.