Engine bay flood

Tue 9 Dec 2008 21:02
Flying the correct ensign at last having managed to untie the stars and stripes standing on the winch with the end of the kitchen knife as I was too short to reach, gave that to my new American friends at Hodges Creek.  Have the red ensign on a flag pole as I couldn't tie knots with the point of the knife!
Finally got out of Hodges Creek yesterday to meet Marion and Sue who are chartering with Sunsail (in a different yacht having discovered diesel in the fresh water tanks of the 1st one!!)  The choice was Cooper Island and all went well until the wind picked up and the swell crept around the point.  A rock and roll night was had by all and the forecast was only to get worse so between us this morning we decided to brave the channel and head for Virgin Gorda Yacht Harbour for some respite.  I followed a bit behind and about 2 miles away from destination came below to prepare only to see water between the floor boards and on closer inspection to find I had a flooded engine bay spilling out into the other sections of the boat.  Automatic bilge pump hadn't started yet so started the 1st pump, couldn't see much water coming out the side so tried the manual pump didn't seem to work either!!
Having heard Marian and Sue ahead talking to the dock master I called them to tell them of my dilemma and to be ready for my arrival.  Damsel in distress call went out when they were safely on the dock and by the time I arrived there were people waving me in, telling me where to turn, grabbing the lines I had prepared on the rails and nudging fenders into place.  Thanks Sue and Marian for lining up so many men in such a short time.
Baling out was next and engine compartment was first, it soon became obvious that with the engine on I was making no impression on the water level so stopped that and started to see a change in the level as buckets of water went out over the back.  Having
mopped all sections up we started the engine again and found water dripping into the well below.  The engineer here at the yacht harbour is in Tortola today so tomorrow morning I have a date with Chris to assess the problem.  Drying out a treat in the strong winds cutting across the bows and spinning the Duogen like a dervish.  Thoroughly tested in wind mode we now have to wait for water mode, so far very good.
Now to clean myself up as Winny is as good as she's going to get for  now. 
All Best Alyson