Paradise @ 14;58.07S 147;38.22W

Tue 14 Jul 2009 20:19
Well here we are in Paradise again, in the Archipel des Tuamotus, after
our enhanced sail across from the Marquesas with our tweaked rig - thank
you to Jay and Ray - photos to follow at a later date when we are reunited
with our laptop.
First stop was Manihi (see us on the Google earth map), and now we are in
Rangiroa, where us sallty sea dogs are trying to blend in with the freshly
laundered, neatly pressed, product pampered, manicured couples at the Kir
Ora Resort. Those lucky people now have an interupted view from their
bungalows on stilts, as Winny gently bobs on the turquoise waters.
It is a nerve wrecking experience entering the passes of the Tuamotu's.
Each pass has to be entered at slack water, so timing is crucial. At the
entrances there are strong currents, with standing waves, and eddies and
whirpools surround No.1 as she bravely stands on the bow, whilst keeping
look out for coral heads.
This morning Skipper is diving with sharks, and this afternoon she takes
her crew for a gentle snorkel in these clear blue tranquil waters full of
colourful marine life.
Tomorrow we hope to visit a Black Pearl Farm, and then the Blue Lagoon the
day after.
Next stop Papeete, where I have heard they have supermarkets!! and
hopefully someone to look at our poorly computer.
Au revoir for now!