Tauranga here we come!

Sun 18 Oct 2009 21:09
0835hrs 31 27 551S; 175 51 788E. 373nm to Mount M entrance.
Funny start to the day. One of the brackets holding our Duogen (wind and water electricity generator) sheered off, luckily Margo spotted it before the rest of it came away, ironically we are carrying a spare which is also faulty but we'll be able to use in the interim - with a little bit of MacGyvering! This was smartly followed by a decent visit from some dolphins - look very much like Hectors - black and white built like barrels  - really lifted our spirits, that and a cuppa.
Have just heard that Lou has found a live squid on deck - hmmm live bait! Should be an ongoing interesting day. Especially as Mac Donalds Almanac states today is the day to catch a fish! So the competition looks likely to resume!
We've had an excellent routine of watches from 1900 to 0700, 2hrly a piece, and the day has essentially panned out with two on in the morning and two on in the afternoon while the others catch up on sleep,  it's working well. Suspect we smell more than we are tired!!!
Just need a bit of the wind that has been forecast rather than this southerly hitting us on the nose the whole way.
Never has Winny consumed so much diesel hope she isn't getting a taste for it!
Spirits still very high, however chocolate suppies getting low. Looking forward to first glass of wine too.