Thu 1 Oct 2009 22:11
Another momentous crossing, this time 180 degrees, fairly early one morning on the way through Fijian waters (so no celebration).  We have now gone so far West we are East and coming back home.  Not over yet though as we now have to go South to NZ.
Boats here are either preparing to leave before cyclone season or preparing to sit it out.  The choice is in the water or sat in trenches dug into the ground around the marina, either way for these boats anything that can be taken off to prevent extra wind damage is moved so some of the boats look pretty bare already.
Today we are getting messages passed on from cruisers we have met regarding the Tsunami. Samoa had the shortest warning (if any) of course and we have heard of casualties there.  Of course, as when we were in Vietnam when the Boxing Day Tsunami hit, we have less international news than those at home so you are probably more up to date than us.  The Cook Islands and Tonga on our route this year seem to have suffered most so far, hopefully the quakes have finished and the islands effected can clear up and recover quickly.
Now it's time for us to join the rest of the crews here and get some maintenance done before setting off again.