Bound for Bonaire

Sat 14 Mar 2009 17:59
Day 1 13.03.09
We covered a 112 nautical miles - in the desired direction!
Day 2 14.03.09
We have blue skies, strong winds and swell from the East. Four dolphin came to see us they did two circuits of Winny and were off!
The difference with the wind behind us is the large swell catches up with us and picks us up hopefully we surf straight down again, sometimes we don't go straight and make a lean stroke lurch to one side, which puts us off for course for a while. Helmut the auto helm is in charge as he manage these seas pretty well leaving us time to relax.
Water generator is working well again meaning the CD player is on. Yesterday Jimmy Buffet (Skipper dancing and singing along) today Heather Small.
Back to whale watch, standing by on 16 Out.