Milford Sound

Fri 29 Jan 2010 05:50
Yesterday we took a cruise around the Milford Sound and
it was so calm we managed to get out to theTasman Sea.
Today we went out in kayaks and the wind funneled through and made for some interesting padelling!
Under the waterfall we saw yesterday, windy but not a real drenching as there has been no significant rainfall for 10 days.
then dolphins came for a frolic showing us how easy it is for them to swim in a bit of turbulent water!
The dolphins in the Milford Sound are Bottlenose dolphins, this is as far south as they can live, as it is they are larger than others we have seen on our travels because an extra thick layer of blubber is required to keep them warm in these waters. 6 degrees today.
Southern fur seals also live here climbing up onto the rocks for a sleep in the sun.  The first pup born in Milford in living memory is now a month old and went for 'his' first swim yesterday the local skippers are very proud of 'him'.