Wed 27 May 2009 22:09
Well we have just returned from our first two nights away from Winny! It was very strange and coming back today we were straining to see her as we entered the harbour. Only to leave her again tomorrow to go off on a cruiser and see more Marine life.
We stayed at the very eccentric Jungle Hostel,
our first night sleeping ashore in nearly 6 months, every wall was a different colour, and the floor didn't move... just a ticking clock!
Milton and family looked after us obsessively - taking us to see every sight possible in our short stay with them. Though the 3 hour walk to the Volcano (& 3 hours back) has left us both sore of foot! Our horses failed to show up, they were supposed to be doing half the walking for us!
Volcano Chico
30 years young
Lava Luge - naturally formed tunnel of lava - Tricky to get any speed up!!
Hmmm - wearing Alyson's baggy shorts as I thought I was going horse riding! Honest!!
After the volcano, (we thought we were going to have a lie down) Milton's son in law raced us around the bay to show us everything he could and insisted we snorkelled even though it was about to rain, and even offered to get in with us a second time to show us a shark - but we thought we would leave the shark for another day! Then he walked us round an island (more walking? surely?!)
Snuggling Marine Iguana's - trying to stay warm!