Tobago Cays

Fri 6 Mar 2009 00:59
Sending the location as much as anything, if you zoom in on this position on google earth (satelite version on mailasail) you should see we are surrounded by coral reefs and islands.  The wind is still coming at us at a rate of knots but it's relatively calm and no swell tonight! 
We had the kayak out again today for the first time in ages so feels like we are on holiday for a while.  Paddled across to two of the beaches here today and in the morning we'll go to the boat free area where the turtles gather.  Gone off taking the didital camera underwater since it had a turn but for a turtle picture on the blog we may risk it.
Yesterday after the stern gland had been fixed I spent a while under the boat with the mini scuba gear on, (Susan is right about the guys who do that for a living needing all their shots up to date).  Job was to clean us up a bit under the water line. Having found an 'undredged' part of Rodney Bay Marina in front of G dock it looked as if we had lost all the antifouling paint on the bulb of the keel, turns out we had helped the dredging and had a load of mud still stuck there.  The log had not been working so did that from outside instead of taking it apart from under the floor yet again.  Gave the water line a bit of a scrub etc etc.  It's so glamarous living on a yacht, I have come to think of it as a synergistic relationship, if one of us doesn't function the other will suffer.  Unlike the MEGA yacht (aka small cruise ship) Rising Sun anchored just outside the Cays tonight thats more like living in a small town, where everyone knows what you are doing but it makes very little difference to the whole thing!!
Anyway, todays picture; one of our best features on board, the solar shower.  On a hot day like today the water is almost too hot to use it is so efficient.  We have a shower plumbed in on the swim deck but usually prefer this one, thanks Hannah.